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Absolute entertaining

Come up with new ideas at the Green Meeting Spot, find the best spot in the sun on the lounge sofas or change your mind with a game of chess or table tennis. Need a break? Then you have to be at AAA Square.

Green Meeting Spot

Inspiration needed during a meeting, fresh air while you are making a report, creativity for that new campaign... Make use of the Green Meeting Spot at Atlas ArenA Amsterdam. A Green Meeting what?... A meeting and workplace between a wilderness of flowers, wooden tables with power supply and fast wifi. The workplaces are accessible to all Atlassers. 

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Shared Bike Service

If you need to make a quick dash to the shops or get to a business meeting, you can use the free ‘Atlas ArenA bike’ to do just that. In total we have six bikes, three men’s and three women’s, which can be borrowed from the reception desk at Building America during office hours. Just leave your details and you can ride off straight away.

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Outdoor facilities

Atlas ArenA offers all kinds of outdoor facilities. So do you need a short break? Or do you want to get outside during your lunch break? Come and enjoy a game of table tennis with your fanatical colleague or invite your boss to a game of life-size chess. You can barrow table tennis bats at the Atlas ArenA Servicedesk (Australië Buidling, first floor).