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Absolute easy

The Personal Convenience Services make life just that little bit easier. No longer will you have to queue at the car wash or waste your free Saturday afternoon getting your shoes repaired or taking clothes to the cleaners. You can even have sandwiches or flowers delivered. All while you're at work. Fast, safe, but above all very easy.

  • Shared Bike Service

    If you need to make a quick dash to the shops or get to a business meeting, you can use the free ‘Atlas ArenA bike’ to do just that. In total we have six bikes, three men’s and three women’s, which can be borrowed from the reception desk at Building America during office hours. Just leave your details and you can ride off straight away.

  • Taxi

    The 100% electric taxi service runs on dark-green power and is therefore entirely emission-free. Members pay a reduced rate to and from the airport.

  • Chauffeur service

    Are you most comfortable in your own car or do you want to be able to work or hold a meeting while on the road? Our chauffeurs are at your service.

  • Car wash

    Never again queue for the car wash. While you are at work your car will be washed on a day and at a time of your choice.

  • Lunch service

    Have your lunch delivered to you at the office. Choose from a wide range of filled rolls and soups. You can also collect it yourself, naturally at a time that suits you best.

  • Shirt service

    Leave your shirts to the experts. Your shirts will be washed, ironed and starched with an odour-free, crease-resistant and less aggressive product to leave your shirts looking like new.

  • Garment repairs

    A broken zip or missing shirt button? Have your garment repaired with the care and professionalism it deserves.

  • Dry cleaning

    Never again will you have to take your suit to the dry cleaners in the weekend or during the evening. Hand in your garment at the Service Desk in your building, and within two days it will be cleaned and ready for you to collect.

  • Shoe repairer

    Shoes are an investment and need to be well looked after. Our shoe repairer will do just that in no time with care, attention and skill.

  • Flower service

    It's always nice to receive flowers. Order them before noon and the bouquet will be delivered the same day to congratulate or thank a business contact, personal friend or acquaintance, or as a get-well gesture.

  • Removal service

    Moving house can be a complicated and difficult job. We offer you an affordable solution with reliable suppliers.

  • Home help

    Looking for a good and reliable person to help out at home so you can concentrate on your work? We can provide you with the best person to help out at home.

  • Handyman service

    Need to hang a picture, clock or light, but don't have the right tools at hand? Save yourself the effort and make use of our handyman service.

Personal Convenience Services

Convenience is the motto at Atlas ArenA Amsterdam. Besides Absolute Taste, Absolute Break, Absolute Kids and Absolute Workout, Atlas ArenA Amsterdam also offers Personal Convenience Services.

These Personal Convenience Services make life just that little bit easier. No longer do you need to queue for the car wash or waste your free Saturday afternoon getting your shoes repaired or taking clothes to the cleaners, or sew a button on your shirt in the evening. It's all taken care of while you work.

Our selected partners offer these services through the Services4 platform. As a lessee of Atlas ArenA Amsterdam you will of course be given a great discount. 

Service Desk

The Service Desk is responsible for Atlas ArenA Amsterdam's technical and facilities management and is therefore the first point of contact for all lessees and staff.

The Service Desk is on hand to deal with all complaints, requests and breakdown reports and to provide information on the products and services described in the product and service guide.

The Service Desk is available around the clock on telephone number +31 (0)20-609 1234. You can also contact the Service Desk by email (servicedesk@atlasarena.nl) or in person at the Service Desk office in the Australië building.